The materials we use are carefully selected and the entire manufacturing process for our products is carried out in Italy.

We collaborate with expert craftsmen and factories who work for us to produce state of the art results.


The wood we use for staircases, mezzanines and pergolas is seasoned and any flawed or imperfect pieces are removed. 

We can offer various types of wood including beach, oak, doussié, iroko, teak, which are the most commonly used, but can also use others on request.

Our steps and the wooden parts of the staircase in all kinds of woods are made from staves (not  battens or finger-joints), which leave the vein of the wood and the colour shading clearly visible so that the end result is superior in terms of both quality and appearance.

We can offer a range of finishes – plain, lacquered or embossed – in our own range of shades or to match a sample.

Take a look at our range of colours! In addition to natural shades, you will find a series of new original options to make the woodwork in your home more striking and attractive! 


The metal parts we use are made of iron or stainless steel.

We offer a number of different finishes for the ironwork too, painted to order from our range or the RAL chart or with other surface treatments such as chrome plating.


We can also use stainless steel with a plain or satin finish. We can carry out the work without any unsightly screws or joints by welding prior to installation or by TIG welding during installation.

Aisi 304 grade stainless steel may only be used for interiors, for exterior work we use Aisi 316.


Depending on the application, the glass used for our projects may be laminated or tempered and laminated, procedures which ensure that it is resistant and long-lasting.

The glass used can be float or extra clear glass. We can also provide you with coloured glass in a variety of shades.