We offer a design service only for the construction of staircases.

We offer our services to those who wish to build their staircase by going straight to the craftsmen they trust: smith, carpenter or glazier.


Provide us with complete definitive measurements and we will design your staircase and send you the design.

In order to design your staircase, we need the following information and/or documents:

  • a scale drawing or sketch of the area where the staircase starts and finishes with all the measurements;
  • clearly marked positions and measurements of doors, windows, radiators or anything else;
  • dimensions of the stairwell if already available (otherwise we will design it);
  • overall height (including landing) and thickness of landing;
  • one or more photos if possible;
  • your own idea of where to position the staircase (we'll only change it if necessary)

We will add the working drawings for all the components of the staircase, railing and balustrade.

With these working drawings, all the different parts can be produced (cut to size, painted or polished, completed with other finishes) by your trusted craftsmen.